No-Code Development

We're more connected than ever and with that comes a lot of opportunities to make amazing new things - but with that, we also get a lot of new tools with which to make them. Programming languages for just about every purpose now exist, but on the other hand, a fast-growing development is the concept of making traditional web and mobile apps without code at all.

New platforms like Bubble and Adalo allow people to create web and mobile apps with no knowledge of code at all required. Of course, this makes it perfect for those who don't want to learn a programming language to get up and running with making something as quick as possible. It also means that people can turn their ideas into concepts a lot quicker. However, does this come with a deficit in quality? I'm yet to come across any apps or websites that have made it big using something like this but there's still plenty of time.

What's your opinion of it? Is this something you've tried or would consider trying?
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